Fuck You/Fuck Me Reversible Silk Blindfold

Never leaving them guessing whether you're in the mood or not! This blindfold sums up my marriage status on a day to day basis! LOL


This silk reversible blindfold says “Fuck Me” on one side and the other side says “Fuck You”, and doesn’t that just say it all? Tell them whether you want to be left breathless or left alone, in no uncertain terms!



Beginner’s Booty Bag of Anal Toys

I put this bundle together especially for booty novices. I know anal can be a little intimidating, but with the right supplies I'll convert you into an anal lover. 

Included in the bundle is a silicone anal beads toy, a silicone butt plug with great curves to delight your sphincter, a glass anal toy that doubles as a G-spot stimulator (that I use often), and a stainless steel rose plug. Click this product for a great video where I explain all of the toys and their uses. 

Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator


When helping women pick out a pleasure toys I ask a bunch of questions. Some being- Do you enjoy the feeling of penetration or do you prefer clitoral stimulation. Some very adamantly say, BOTH! If that's you....I got you!

This rabbit is my most popular rabbit vibrator for a reason. It's waterproof, I like to use it for some sexy shower time. It's rechargeable, no need for batteries. Also, it has separate buttons for the shaft and clitoral motors so you can customize their pleasure.


Lipstick Vibrator


This is the okie doke of sex toys. To everybody else this will look like a regular lipstick. But I know and you know that it a'int! 

Perfect for travelling with and has been known to venture into a few work place bathrooms! LOL 

Just twist the bottom and start the vibrations. 

It uses 1 AAA battery, that I'll send in the mail with this toy. 




Gladiator Couples Toy


Just go to level 5 and enjoy!!!!

This is one of the few toys that stays charged up and rett ta go in my nightstand. 

Don't get me wrong, I love using toys by myself,  but there's something hella sexy using one with your partner. 

This vibrating cock ring has two motors, one that stimulates your clitoris and one that stimulates your G-spot. He'll also enjoy the vibration on the tip of his penis. It's also rechargeable, has a remote, and waterproof.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager

If you've heard about the Hitachi wand, this is it. People swore by their Hitachis, and even with the name change to the Magic Wand, it's still a crowd favorite. I use this in my bedroom all the time. It's great to use solo play, or with a partner. Click this product to see a video of me describing the ways I use it.

I'm particular to this rechargeable version. I just can't get my full sexy on laying on the edge of the bed trying to stay plugged in!