From mild to WILD let me curate the PERFECT Date night Pleasure Box specifically for YOU!

Let me ask you relationship folk a few questions:

  • Are you and your partner in a sex rut?


  • When is the last time you’ve had sex? (cue Jeopardy music) Still thinking?


  • Has the heat in your bedroom cooled a little?


  • Maybe you and your partner have run out of at home sexy date night ideas?


  • Do you and your partner like keeping your sex life new and fresh by trying new things?

If you've answered YES to any of the above questions the 

Intimate Mystery Date Night Box

is for YOU!!





Whether you're in a full blown sex-rut, ran out of ideas of things to try new with your partner, or just love having new sexual experiences together, this mystery box is for you!


In every relationship, in the beginning, it's easy to just look at each other, get those tingly feelings, and instantly want to jump each other's bones. After a while, if you don't keep that same energy going by introducing new things in the bedroom the heat can fizzle out. 


Some couples think they have fallen out of love or the spark is gone. It isn't.  The person you fell for is still in there, with all the sex appeal that made the relationship pop at the beginning.


As you relaxed into the relationship, routines set in, and bills and/or kids entered the picture, that easy sexual chemistry subsided. Now it takes effort to spark that old romance.


This box should have a cape on because it's here to save the day!!!




Every box is specially curated just for YOU and YOUR PARTNER. This is a VIP Experience! It will be full of pleasure products and may include sex toys, intimacy games, lubricants, kink items, lingerie, enhancement pills, and other items that are discussed in the consult or answered in the questionnaire.  


Surprise your partner with this sexified date night OR answer the questions together and have a date night you can put on your calendar, building desire! 


There are TWO Options


Option 1- Phone Consult

  • -Have a 20 min consult to pick you and/or your partner's brain about the intimate details of your relationship- what you've tried and didn't like, things you've tried, loved, and want more of, stuff you always wanted to try, things you wanted to work on sexually, and so on.
  • -Based on our consult, your intimacy box is curated and shipped to you.
  • -You receive your box of pleasure items PLUS an instruction note detailing each item and how to use it.

Option 2- Questionnaire for those who don't want to "people" 

  • -A detailed questionnaire will be emailed to you with all the right questions about you and your partner's intimacy and sexual needs.
  • -Based on your answers, your mystery box is curated and shipped to you.
  • -You receive your box of pleasure items PLUS an instruction note detailing each item and how to use it.

Each box is curated JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER will contain AT LEAST $175.00 of products, based on your sexual and intimacy needs. 


The Mystery Box is not just for your one date night. The contents of your box can be used over and over again to ENHANCE the physical intimacy, communication, and sexual exploration that will benefit your relationship for many more date nights in the future and beyond.

(or until you're ready for your next box lol)



Shani Hart is a certified sexuality coach, sex educator and co-owner of Hart’s Desires, a premiere erotic boutique for the sexually unleashed—or those who secretly want to be. But really, she is sexual rule breaker. A relationship healer who reconnects couples in the bedroom and beyond. And a transformational teacher who is leading a revolution to empower women everywhere to take control of their orgasms—and their lives.


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