It’s no wonder she has the last name “Hart”. Sex education for women of color is at the heart of what Shani does.


Shani Hart co-owns Hart’s Desires, a chain of erotic boutiques in the Washington, DC and Maryland area. Along with her co-owner husband, Shani uses her boutiques as the launching pad for her educational platform focused on women of color and sexuality, sexual health and wellness, and liberated sensuality. Shani is proud to be a resident sex guru by experience and education. She isn't afraid to share that most of her learning comes from having a lot of sex; while, her knowledge comes from formal education.


She is an ISEE trained sex educator, speaker, and certified sexuality and pleasure coach.  Shani hopes to help women of color remove the shame and guilt surrounding their sexual desires and needs through teaching her workshops, one on one counselling, and couple’s counseling. She loves sharing her spicy sex tips, tricks, and resources with those who are ready to listen and learn while having fun.

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